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Choosing a dentist is hard. All claim to be the best…or that they have the latest things or that they work on famous people.  And it is easy to get mesmerized and confused by this.

The more informed you are the better decision you can make. You don’t need a degree in Dentistry, but you do need to know some facts before replacing missing teeth or having work done to improve your smile.

Other than finding a dentist whose priority is your oral health, the beauty, function, and feel of your new dental restorations are essential to you satisfaction. Where and how those teeth are made is a critical decision that your dentist usually makes.

Dentists have options. They can choose from a variety of materials and processes, based on their personal preferences and diagnosis.

Unfortunately, dentists also base their decision on the price of the dental laboratory doing the work, and the best prices come from China. Whether the dentist knows it or not, their lab may be using offshore labs to cut costs.

Information makes you an informed consumer,  and we encourage you to do your own research, as you are doing now.

By using Adar Dental Laboratory you will help design the look and feel of your new teeth through questions and conversation.

Pinhas, our founder travels the world teaching and training dentists and other technicians. His mission is to elevate the practice of Dentistry, so patients have access to superior treatment with healthy and natural outcomes.

Our clients (dentists) all practice at a very high level in dentistry and are very patient- focused and aware of the options that are available for you.

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