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"After a unfortunate and unsatisfactory dental experience, my dentist recommended to get Pinhas Adar, from Adar Dental Network involved.  I showed him numerous pictures and "drilled" him with endless questions.  He never showed frustration or impatience with me.  He was a dream to work with!  The end result is the bright white beautiful smile that I had wanted! I will be forever grateful to Pinhas for going above and beyond to give me the smile I've always dreamed of."

~Amanda C.

"As a cosmetic dentist for more than 25 years, Pinhas Adar has been the most important influence in my career. His ceramics are masterpieces of art, but just as important the precision of his restorations are gifts to my patients as they enjoy decades of perfect fit, function and beauty."

- Stuart L. Isler, DMD, New York. NY

"It is said that great success can come from surrounding yourself with people that inspire you to reach for a level beyond the ordinary.   Atlanta's own treasure, Pinhas Adar, has this effect on those fortunate enough to have worked with this masterful artist and educator.  Pinhas has that rare combination of performing at the highest level technically as well as being able to communicate effectively in real life situations. His engaging personality, positive energy, and leadership skills have been a model for me in my efforts to be more effective in my own life in these areas.""

- James A. Merriman, DMD - Accredited Member of the AACD

"You have inspired me to dream Big once again. I was glad to hear that you have a system in place to help Dentists, Technicians, and Patients work together and collaborate to create the Perfect Restoration Process”

- Tyler Dahl

"I am always looking to improve myself in this changing profession, as a dental technicians I find myself part artist, architect and mind reader. So when I came across the Adar Master Series was excited to learn from Mr. Adar. The series offers more than just technique, Mr. Adar’s insight has inspired me and I was able to apply the techniques to my current materials with immediate results.”

- Christian Scull, Las Vegas, NV

“It is truly a pleasure to work with you Pinhas. You share my passion to let no detail go unnoticed…to discover the wants and needs of our patients….to give our patients the confidence that they can achieve their dreams. Your commitment to advancing complete smile design with your dentist and their patients is unmatched.”

— Estelle Zandstra, DDS

Based on 27 reviews
David Hedgecoe
David Hedgecoe
September 3, 2022.
Pinhas and his lab created a fabulous experience restoring a maxillary arch with an implant supported restoration. He was very involved, his communication throughout the entire process was impressive, and the final result was outstanding, He has the process down to a science. Thank you Pinhas.
Mark Romano
Mark Romano
June 8, 2022.
Working with Pinhas and Debby has been a wonderful experience! The love and passion they put into everything they do is clear and evident. If you have been looking for a top tier lab to partner with, look no further.
Brian Sang
Brian Sang
June 4, 2022.
Pinhas is an amazing artist. Not only does he have an eye for detail - he completely understands the prosthodontic foundations of each case. Highly recommend.
Etty Galimidi
Etty Galimidi
June 2, 2022.
They are so professional and caring. Listened to what I wanted out of the results and exceeded all my expectations. I have a smile that is perfect and so natural looking. I am beyond thrilled. Highly recommend Adar you will not be sorry. Thank you thank you thank you.
Greg Spencer
Greg Spencer
May 13, 2022.
A fantastic lecture at the Maxxi Course in Augusta! Does great work and is very knowledgeable about high esthetic work. Would recommend Adar’s lecture to any dentist and lab tech!
Anthony Rella
Anthony Rella
May 12, 2022.
Excellent lecture, excellent presentation Adar is a master of his craft and He is willing to help dentists grow in the art and science of dentistry. Not only with his knowledge of dental materials, bus also, with proper diagnosis and treatment planning, Adar’s streamlined protocol facilitates predictable outcomes!!
James Oshetski
James Oshetski
May 12, 2022.
Adar’s work is transformational for patients. Together we are restoring mouths and lives. I have used many labs for many years and they are my go to. Great communication, reasonable fees, beautiful results with zirconia.

Teach, Inspire and Transform, these are the things that define what we do!