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Even the most experienced and knowledgable Dental professionals keep valuable educational material within reach. No matter how many times they’ve performed procedures or accomplished spectacular results, they reinforce their advanced skills by observing solid, fundamental training. Adar has developed an essential educational library for Dental professionals seeking to regularly reinforce their knowledge to experience practice excellence.

The products used in the DVDs are for demonstration of the techniques, which can be easily adapted to systems with which you are most comfortable.

These DVDs will save you the expense involved in travel, lodging, and meals, and you can watch them over and over.

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2100 River Edge Parkway, Suite 1040, Atlanta, GA 30328


The Adar Success Academy is an advanced training program for dental professionals to help them to learn to master their mind set, skill set and tool set. No program currently exists like it.

Come and learn our proven and successful techniques and solutions and enjoy your results! No matter where you are in your life right now, The Adar Success Academy has the answers to give you an edge in business life and personal development.

Your instructors have studied, been coached by and have emulated the processes behind world-class performers.


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Teach, Inspire and Transform, these are the things that define what we do!